I am not a nutritionist. If anything, I am an anti-nutritionist. I do have fuzzy ideas about “all things in moderation”, but in my context that means keeping myself to a single Little Debbie cupcake per meal.

While the rest of the world already got the message about sugar being…

This may look like a unified fighting force, but internal tensions are pulling them apart

Given the many cinematic and streaming TV network opportunities available to today’s super-powered crime-fighter, it is harder than ever to keep a tight-knit group of heroes together. Unless your team is a Dirty Dozen-style ensemble made up of hardened convicts, supervillains, and/or rogues forced to undertake a mission in order…

Close-up on Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly. Photo by Sanjay Acharya

One of the trivial hardships of summer in North America, along with poison ivy (or oak, or sumac), sunburns, and a spoiled half of a watermelon taking up good refrigerator space, is the fruit fly: Drosophila melanogaster.

The fruit fly’s greatest weapon may be that it, in small numbers, it…

The Suburban Mandala (photo by Matthew Henry)

Americans are probably more obsessed with decorative mulch than any other civilization has ever been. Every spring, America’s big box stores pile up plastic bags of colored wood chips in their parking lots so that suburban homeowners can try to sculpt the perfect lawn. …

Paul Newman’s character is actually a lot cooler than this movie poster makes out

“Shoot a purse snatcher — they’d crucify me!”

“Say he pulled a knife — we’d back you up.”

This bit of dialogue between two cops on the beat in the film Fort Apache the Bronx is typical of the movie’s overall tone. It presents the South Bronx as a place…

It’s 1,000 times more complicated than that

Photo courtesy of SpaceX

In America, race-based segregation is like mayonnaise: something that white people consume blithely without noticing how much everyone else hates it. The Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, which was all about desegregation, happened in 1954: it’s old enough to…

Aaron McKeon

Professional planner, unprofessional writer. Member of the American Institute of Certified Planners. Also, a Sunday School teacher.

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